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Paragon SC2 Pro Jewellery And Enamelling Kiln With A Sentry Xpress Programmer. Nickel-Chromium K-Type Thermocouple. Electro-Mechanical Relay. Fire Bricks.
Paragon SC2 PRO K-Type Thermocouple Electro-Mechanical Relay Fire Bricks
Paragon BlueBird.
Paragon BlueBird XL.
Paragon Caldera.
Paragon FireFly.
Paragon SC-2.
Paragon SC-2B.
Paragon SC-2W.
Paragon SC-2BW.
Paragon SC-3.
Paragon SC-3B.
Paragon SC-3W.
Paragon SC-3BW.
Paragon Xpress E-9.
Paragon Xpress E-10.
Paragon Xpress E-14.
Paragon Xpress Q-11.
Paragon Xpress J-14.
Paragon Home Artist.
Paragon KM-14T.
Promtheus Pro-7.
Paragon Vulcan Mobile.
Paragon Fusion 6.
Paragon Fusion 7.
Paragon Fusion 8.
Paragon Fusion 10.
Paragon Fusion 14.
Paragon CS14S.
Paragon CS14D.
Paragon Fusion 16.
Paragon Fusion Ovation.
Paragon GL18.
Paragon GL22.
Paragon GL24.
Paragon Janus 1613.
Paragon Janus 24.
Prometheus Pro-1.
Paragon Vulcan.
Paragon Trio.
Paragon FibreFuse 16.
Paragon KM 24 XL PRO.
Paragon SC2 PRO.

The Paragon Kilns Photo Library.

US-made firebrick kilns have live heating elements that are exposed whenever the door or lid is open. They're fitted with a switch that cuts off power to the elements when the kiln is opened: a UK-EU legal safety requirement. The switch might not be visible on some of the photos.

Also, many of the kilns are available in different versions and colours: with optional bead doors, windows, bead doors and windows, programmers, door hinges on the opposite side, an electric kiln vent, a gas injection system, and a USB computer interface. Consequently, some of the photographs may differ slightly from the actual model.


The Paragon Kilns Photo Library.

To look at the pop-up photos, hold your mouse over the zoom buttons below: you don't need to click.

Zoom In. Paragon BlueBird

Zoom In. Paragon BlueBird XL

Zoom In. Paragon Caldera

Zoom In. Paragon FireFly

Zoom In. Paragon Fusion 6

Zoom In. Paragon Fusion 7

Zoom In. Paragon Fusion 8

Zoom In. Paragon Fusion 10

Zoom In. Paragon Fusion 14

Zoom In. Paragon Fusion ClamShell CS14S

Zoom In. Paragon Fusion ClamShell CS14D

Zoom In. Paragon Fusion 16

Zoom In. Paragon FibreFuse 16

Zoom In. Paragon Fusion Ovation

Zoom In. Paragon GL18ADTSD

Zoom In. Paragon GL22ADTSD

Zoom In. Paragon GL24ADTSD

Zoom In. Paragon Home Artist

Zoom In. Paragon Janus 1613

Zoom In. Paragon Janus 24

Zoom In. Paragon KM14D

Zoom In. Paragon KM24 XL PRO

Zoom In. Paragon SC2

Zoom In. Paragon SC2B

Zoom In. Paragon SC2W

Zoom In. Paragon SC2BW

Zoom In. Paragon SC3

Zoom In. Paragon SC3B

Zoom In. Paragon SC3W

Zoom In. Paragon SC3B

Zoom In. Paragon SC2 PRO

Zoom In. Paragon SC4

Zoom In. Paragon Trio

Zoom In. Paragon Vulcan

Zoom In. Paragon Xpress E9

Zoom In. Paragon Xpress-E10

Zoom In. Paragon Xpress E14

Zoom In. Paragon Xpress J14

Zoom In. Paragon Xpress Q11

Zoom In. Prometheus Pro 1

Zoom In. Prometheus Pro 7.

Paragon Kilns, Furnaces, and Ovens For Annealing, Beads, Ceramics, Enamels, Glass, Jewellery, Knife Making, Lost Wax, Silver Clays, Heat Treating, Lampwork, Porcelain, And Vitrigraph.

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